On the Issues

National Security

I can help our nation fight and defeat ISIS, al-Qaida , and other terrorist groups. In Iraq, I sat face-to-face with members of al-Qaida , the bombmakers, the murderers. I won 13 death penalties against these terrorists and I personally cross-examined – and outwitted – the Butcher of Fallujah.

In Congress, I will fight to protect the people of southwestern PA and keep them safe.


Jobs & The Economy

I have a track record of fighting in Harrisburg to create jobs by cutting regulation and holding bureaucrats accountable.

In Congress, I’ll fight to create jobs by cutting red tape and unshackling job creators to get the people of southwestern Pennsylvania working again.


I am the prime sponsor of the bill to end the dangerous practice of sanctuary cities. I know the immigration issue well and I know the chilling effects illegal immigration has on our communities.

In Congress, I will fight to secure our border and reform our outdated immigration system to stop the flow of drugs and opioids, crackdown on child sex trafficking, end sanctuary cities nationwide, and protect the jobs and wages of American workers.


Tax Cuts & Job Acts

The tax cuts passed by Congress in December of 2017 are creating jobs and putting money directly in the pockets of American workers. Nancy Pelosi and her liberal allies have promised to repeal this bill and raise your taxes.

In Congress, I will fight to make these tax cuts permanent and stop extreme liberals from raising your taxes.