Reschenthaler for Republicans, Boerio for Democrats in 14th Congressional

July 12, 2018

State Sen. Guy Reschenthaler declared victory Tuesday night in his quest to upset the better-known Rick Saccone and win the Republican nomination for the newly-drawn 14th Congressional District.

A veteran of the Iraq War, Reschenthaler strode to the podium of Veterans of Foreign Wars Memorial Post No. 764 in McMurray.

Calling himself a “longshot” in Tuesday’s primary, Reschenthaler braced himself for the Nov. 6 contest.

“We’re far from winning this Congressional seat,” he said. “If we learned one thing on March 13, it’s that there’s no such thing as a safe Republican seat any more….

“We cannot take any vote for granted. Every single victory has to be won and hard-fought.”

Among those he thanked were U.S. Sen. Pat Toomey and Tim Murphy, whom he called “Congressman Murphy” even though Murphy’s resignation from the House of Representatives in an adultery scandal led to his resignation from the seat.