politics pa - SD-37: Guy Reschenthaler Releases First TV Ad (VIDEO)


A little over a month after being chosen as the GOP nominee for the SD-37 special election, the campaign of Judge Guy Reschenthaler has released its first advertisement.

Throughout the video, Reschenthaler’s qualifications are highlighted, including his position as a Lieutenant in the US Navy and his role in prosecuting terrorists in the Central Criminal Court of Iraq.

More locally, Reschenthaler served as a district judge, and the video states that through this position he worked to end domestic violence, protect seniors, and build programs for children.

“Harrisburg is out of control. I want to be a voice for the people of Southwestern Pennsylvania and represent our shared values, not the values of career politicians and special interests,” said Reschenthaler.

He will be facing Heather Arnet in the special election on November 3rd. The candidates are vying for the seat that was opened by the resignation of State Sen. Matt Smith, a Democrat.

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  • commented 2015-10-25 00:23:20 -0400
    I like this video, because it is patriotic and has nice music. Also, that was slick how you take credit for a program to keep kids in school – kind of like the truancy program you take part in as a magistrate – the same on that’s been in every south hills school district since a time before you were born.

    I also have a video to share (https://vimeo.com/143424077), except this one doesn’t stretch reality or bend it to fit your campaign slogans. It uses audio from your own radio shows; where you and your partner take part in the denigration of women and several cultures and races. Where you discuss shooting immigrants in the face, how the black race is lazier than the white race, and how you’d like to take away healthcare benefits from veterans to buy more ships, bullets, and guns.

    I’d like to know your answer to only one question: Is that your voice on these recordings?

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