Guy Reschenthaler Endorses Marco Rubio

State Senator Guy Reschenthaler Endorses Marco Rubio for President

Jefferson Hills, PA- Today, State Senator Guy Reschenthaler, representing Pennsylvania’s 37th District, announced his endorsement of Marco Rubio in the Republican Primary for President of the United States.

 “It is a great honor to join the growing list of influential Pennsylvania Republicans supporting Marco’s candidacy for President. Marco Rubio’s recent momentum is a testament to Marco being the most qualified and most conservative Republican choice for Republican primary voters,” said Sen. Reschenthaler.

“As a former Navy prosecutor and Iraq War Veteran, I am deeply encouraged by Marco’s position of restoring America’s place in the world through a strong U.S. military and strong American leadership. As Marco said, when he is President, ‘Our allies will trust us and our adversaries will respect us’ and my service in Iraq, interacting daily with Iraqi nationals, taught me that the world is eager for leadership. If leadership doesn’t come from America the vacuum will be filled by the Kremlin, Ayatollahs, and Caliphs,” Reschenthaler added.

“Marco Rubio’s positive vision for a new American century sets him apart from all the other candidates for President. Marco is unmatched in his grasp of the issues that everyday Americans face and his ability to craft and articulate a positive plan forward will be a refreshing contrast from President Obama and Secretary Clinton’s endless, divisive class-warfare,”

Senator Reschenthaler concluded, “I represent a region of Pennsylvania where our ancestors, who immigrated here for steel mills and coal mines, taught us a thing or two about the American Dream, a dream Marco Rubio knows all too well, and a dream I believe can be preserved for future generations if we nominate Marco Rubio as the Republican nominee and elect Marco the 45th President of the United States.”

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